Part 1: Rally of the Test 2014 – Prologue

Prologue Buxton – Buxton

Buxton Palace Gardens

Buxton Palace Gardens

A quick and simple prologue had been my downfall the year before so full of trepidation here we go for this year’s Rally of the Tests…

2 Regularities and a test at the stock car track would seem straight forward enough but within 1.85 miles we were turning right and heading round through a key hole sized gap onto private land and the first control – on returning back to the Hotel it’s where a lot of people started falling foul by trying to make up the route rather than reading ALL the instructions.

Unfortunately the dam road would also see the Ford Anglia of the McClean’s parked up on the side of the road for the second year in a row! When will their luck change?

Keeping time on the tarmac marked as a white was good fun on the one way road with a couple of decent hairpins the second and final control being situated in a place where it was easy enough to arrive early but Ryan kept everything in control for a total loss of 3 seconds in 3 controls – great start!

Stock car track was a fab little test using the figure of eight to add some variety and in the dark we danced round not on full pelt as it was hard to judge the grip level but pleased when we arrived at the finish to be told we had the fastest time so far and we would only be beaten by one Porsche of Paul Crosby.

Thanks to Tony Large for letting me use his photographs to see the full gallery from

2014 Rally of the Tests CLICK HERE

The next reg well it seemed simple enough one road a slot onto a farm track rejoin the road and keep going how tricky could this be – well quite a bit when the slot you need we decided to do a three point turn and with a speed change made it to the control within a second but then as we rejoined the road we reset the trip a tad too early and so when we did reach the end we dropped 19 seconds others would do similar or get caught by cars reversing and doing all sorts at the arrowed hairpin left despite CoC Guy Woodcock saying that there was a turning point 50-yards down the road, again listening to instructions is key to success.

I just wish in the days to come I would take his own advice.

End of Prologue Position 1st Total penalty 23 seconds

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