Jim Clark BRC Challenge 2013

Decided to see how the other half lived when I was asked by James Morton at Rallydays if I would help him film the NGK Spark Plugs BRC Challenge competitors on the Jim Clark Rally.

Flights booked an accident on the M5 and missed flight caught a later one that only took 35 minutes from Bristol to Edinburgh… arrived at Duns just as the back end of the BRC crews were going through Duns 1.

Follows the registered competitors on Twitter: @TonySimpson74 @ChrisWlz @TheMeirionEvans @Alexorr27 @rallyzr @Rally4Real @autolocky @lammie1975 @MJRallying @CruttRallying

The Challenge crews soon arrived with the majority not minding me shoving a camera in their faces, and asking them silly questions. Managed to get some B-roll footage of marshals, crowds and atmosphere in Duns – the town square was packed and everyone was buzzing to the sound of the rally cars.

Waited around an hour and managed to grab a drink down at the roundabout, where I could get some BRC footage and also some crowd scenes. By now it was around 10pm and just about getting dark so on the limit of my hand held camcorder, so tried to be helpful getting the challenge crews to stop so we could get the tales of spins, catching cars and one or two like Dick Archer, Luke Pinder and Mark Gamble who we wouldn’t see for the rest of the weekend due to their retirements.

We then faced a trek North to our Premier Inn – last minute dot com – meant we were a few miles away… watched the spot lamps lighting up the foggy night sky as we headed past Abbey St Bathams which the BRC and Historics were running over for a second time – this would see the downfall of both Twingo entrants with Harry Threlfall (hitting tree) and Ben MacKay (engine mount) both retiring and not being recovered until 1:30 in the morning.

Day after Harry Threlfall crash Jim Clarke Rally 2013

Day after Harry Threlfall crash Jim Clarke Rally 2013

We at this time managed to pick up a pizza in one of the Borders few and far between late night take-away joints and head to the hotel to back-up footage, make sure we had some and come up with a plan of action.

Looking at the maps and with 3 cameras we hoped to have at least 8-10 different shots of all if not the majority if crews but as I got dropped off at Kelso racecourse the rumours had started that both Eccles stages were cancelled.

So Swinton it would be while I waited and again tried sorting out shots but when Richard Sykes appeared with major front end damage luckily the story was telling itself.

James picked me up and we headed to Edrom to go to a nice couple of bends near the start filmed and arrived just as the challenge crews started, we also watched  the BRC crews and the nationals and then waited and waited and waited as an incident was dealt with but no sooner had we started with the historics than there was another stoppage with David Stokes going off and soon we realised that the road closure order had run out so it was back to Kelso to try and see what we could recover from a disastrous couple of hours.

But then we had a lot of waiting around as there was a discrepancy in the results we’d been there since quarter to four and it was half five before we switched on the cameras and could get back to filming. Leaving Kelso we listened to some banging tunes on the way back to source a soundtrack for the film.

On arrival back at Derby we downloaded and sorted out the clips ready for editing ALL of Sunday was spent achieving this! I hope you like it….

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