Malcolm Wilson Rally 2013

Curtesy of Mark Standley

On the last stage heading for 4th in class

The day dawned bright and early with a hint of cold in the air – Never rallied these stages before I was looking forward to the challenge of Grizedale and Greystoke.

Points mean prizes and while we wanted a good run we also wanted to make sure we bagged some points.

SS1 Hobcarton:

Uneventful trying to get used to the forest and conditions a slow start losing 15 seconds to the eventual winners Julian Wilkes/Will Rutherford-Childs in 2.5 miles!  Need to up our game…

SS2 Comb:

Corking little stage again with a mix of everything including a brilliant flat out section towards the end over a number of bumps, crests and dips. Climbing up the hill to the famous hairpin where we took an interesting line – Nearly coming to a stop and struggling to get up the hill.

Kept my head down for most of it, nice to see the a few familiar faces marshalling at the arrival control Neil & Elaine!

Warned about landslides and the road narrowing in some sections but it wasn’t that bad when you got there.

Road section:

Two way rally traffic and spectator traffic cars parked on verges on both sides of the road leads to disaster with members of the public unable or not willing to move. I’d like to point out a yellow Seat and metallic blue Ford Focus causing mayhem, through their inconsiderate parking. I know you are in a rush but next time PLEASE THINK!

By the time it was all sorted already 10 minutes into our OTL!

SS3 Greystoke:

What a stage, awesome, no other word for it… can see exactly why some hate it and some love it. For me it was excellent Kris drove really well and kept listening especially on the well-renowned C-bend and where we needed to keep a line through the corners. It felt slow but neat and tidy, thought we had done well as so it was nice to see 3rd place in the 1400 section in this stage.


Clawed back some time from the slow start – Got to service having already used half of our OTL due to road book, bad parking and traffic. Looking at results we were 8th overall but only 6 seconds covered 3rd to 8th.

SS4 Grizedale North:

First time competing in Grizedale! What a stage notes worked like a dream bottomed out on the jump near the start, felt good and solid and fast chucking out the notes one after another without breathing – Voice getting more and more raised! Approx two-thirds through saw Dave Bennett parked up on the right and 200 yards later Harry Gardner on the left with a missing wheel. Two of our competitors out on the spot, this spurred Kris onto the rest of the stage.

SS5 Grizedale South:

Caught two cars, both had mechanical problems, Sion Matthews in the Ford Escort (thanks for looking in your mirrors) who had burnt a valve and Cameron Davies who had a fuse blow on the fuel pump relay.

It was a monster of a stage 18 pages of notes in 10 miles so many corners it was important to get it right not helped by a big spin a mile in when we rounded the corner distracted by a photographer in the eye line Kris tried to hook the inside of the corner to stop going into a big ditch on the outside. The car didn’t want to play and we were 90 degrees to the track, unfortunately it was so narrow that we had to do a 7-point turn before we could get going again.

The stage was a complete mix of smooth, rough, slippy and muddy plus some heavily logged sections, a real achievement to get through. We felt that we had done well, but on the initial result it showed a disappointing time but later this would be resolved as two of our rivals had been given dodgy times.


No problems, just a spanner check and clean-up!

SS6 Greystoke 2:

Bit of a hold up as the stage needed to be cleared of cars stopped from the first run through. Low sunshine causing a few problems, especially coming out of the hairpins, and on the long straights with some nasty crests. A good fast run felt very comfortable with our only drama coming we walloped the inside of one corner and we were sure we had a puncture luckily nothing except a bit of cosmetic damage.

Sorry it’s the wrong way up but thanks to Joanne Cross for this video of us in Greystoke 2

SS7 Wythorp:

A good end to the rally, some nasty sections and some bloomin huge drops, not one for the feint hearted. This stage is totally different to the others a huge straight over the finish line. Decided to have a half spin after the finish line on the run to the stop line and got a round of applause from the marshals and Kris’s driving was likened to Ken Block!


Must start better and be quicker out of the blocks. Again some good pace and have got the consistency when we wake-up!! One mistake cost us dear, so we must try to eliminate them for the next round. Getting a better rapport in the car, now need to work on the finer points such as distances and meanings after crests!


Time                      Overall                  1400                       Class

SS1                         3:13                          60                         9th                           7th

SS2                         6:52                          61                         7th                           6th

SS3                         8:37                          46                         3rd                           3rd

SS4                         9:45                          42                         4th                           4th

SS5                         14:17                       45                         5th                           4th

SS6                         8:24                          40                         4th                           4th

SS7                         4:07                          43                         6th                           5th

Championship tables

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