Can’t Wait… 2013 Here We Come!!

We’ll here we are just 10-days away from the opening round of the BTRDA Championship and I’m delighted to say that I will be competing in the 1400cc section with Kris Farrell, a young up and coming driver frustrated by mechanical failures last year.

Here’s Kris’s Youtube channel:

I must admit this year has been the worst for trying to get a season long ride it seems finally the credit crunch is biting and rallying IS struggling…

I’m also the Clerk of the Course for a single venue stage rally the Kynaston Auto Services Stages and we are very close to pulling the plug on the event. We need 40 to run and break even currently we have less than half the entry required, with less than 2 weeks to go.

I admit it’s a double edged sword I have to commit to getting ambulance, doctor and recovery services; but when it comes to ordering awards; stationary, printing time cards, stage plans, operations manuals, safety manuals, marshals instructions, marshal check cards the list goes on and on, and I have to decide whether to press the button or not and save £100 in unnecessary printing costs and other costs to the motor club….not an easy decision…never mind the six months of unpaid voluntary work I’ve put in to the event.

Returning back to the Wyedean an equivalent struggle for organisers, we entered a day after closing date (I admit a late deal was done) but my reference number surprised me if true they are some 25 short of being full!!

That’s a shortfall for organisers of more than £10,000 Yes we are talking those kind of figures!

Hold-on this is the Wyedean…not too long ago they had a full 180 car entry and a waiting list of 30 or 40…

I must admit the entry fee made me gulp and in all seriousness if it breaks the £500 barrier then I fear for the future and it will price me out of the market….in the last 2-years the amount drivers want you to contribute has rocketed – Long gone are the free rides and they would even have their mate who has never competed before rather than experience!

So I can understand why entry levels are dropping and why organisers will have to make some tough decisions this year…

Clubman rallying is on a knife edge I hope it goes the right way for all of us who love this sport so much

So see you in Chepstow!

This photo is me and Kris competing on the 2011 Somerset Stages.


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